GO BOX Storage has just received 72 more GOBOXES. This is what 72 GOBOXES look like flat packed on a b-train truck.


The GOBOXES were delivered by Barry from Amazing Xpress Ltd (AXL). You can contact him at 604.897.9066 or gill.axl@hotmail.com.


Here’s Shaen removing a flat of GOBOX tops from the truck.


We have been emptying the unheated warehouse over the last few months to have space to store this load of new GOBOXES.


Here’s Shaen removing a flat of GOBOX bottoms from the truck.


Shaen moves each load into the unheated warehouse for storage. We will be assembling the GOBOXES during the summer.


The b-train load filled two rows in the unheated warehouse. After we assemble the new GOBOXES we will be reopening the unheated warehouse.

FREE Moving Supplies to NEW GO BOX Storage Customers


GO BOX Storage is giving away a FREE moving package to the first 14 new customers.

This month the updated GO BOX Storage website went live. We are grateful for the professional work done by the nice people at FRESH Inc, a local website and media company. Our customers’ feedback is that the website is easier to navigate and looks awesome on a mobile device. Thank you for your feedback! We feel really good about the new website and we want to celebrate!

As you know, it’s moving season and GO BOX Storage wants to help with your move. We have some moving packages to give away for FREE to the first 14 new GO BOX Storage customers.


All packed up and ready to go. Each moving package has a sofa cover, chair cover, fragile mail tape, clear mail tape and moving labels. The retail value is $13.21.

GO BOX Storage Spring Backhaul (Empty Truck) Schedule for 2016

A backhaul is a trucking term for a returning trip that comes back over part or all of the same route. Many times a truck is empty for a backhaul. GO BOX Storage has a number of backhaul spaces for this spring. This means the GO BOX Storage truck is empty and can carry your possessions back to Kamloops at a reduced price.

If you know of friends or family that are moving to Kamloops forward this backhaul schedule and help them save money. To book a backhaul please contact Shaen Cooper at 250.318.2003.

Below is the GO BOX Storage backhaul (empty truck) schedule for spring 2016. This schedule will be updated as the situation changes.


Pickup can be anywhere on this route returning to Kamloops, BC on April 3, 2016.

1. Backhaul (empty truck) from Vancouver Island, BC to Kamloops, BC on April 2-3, 2016. COMPLETED. One mover is available for assisting with loading. Please call Shaen at 250.318.2003 to make arrangements.


Pickup can be anywhere on this route returning to Kamloops, BC on May 14, 2016.

2. Backhaul (empty truck) from Parksville, BC to Kamloops, BC on May 14, 2016. COMPLETED. One mover is available for assisting with loading. Please call Shaen at 250.318.2003 to make arrangements.

Easy Moving Photo Essay

POST by Shaen Cooper

I’ve had many questions about how GO BOX Storage moves GOBOXES around Kamloops. This photo essay will go into detail about the process.


This is a picture from the truck. I’m picking up the two GOBOXES you can see at the end of the street.


After the owner moves his car I’ll be able to pick up the GOBOXES. If you are not going to be home it’s a good idea to make sure the area in front of the GOBOXES is clear.


I get onto the self-loading forklift which piggy-backs on the rear of the truck.


After I bring the forklift down to ground level, I’m ready to go.


The forklift is very maneuverable and can handle extreme slopes. Basically, the forklift can go anywhere in Kamloops!


The forklift quickly loads the GOBOX keeping the load flat and secure.


The hydraulics pull the GOBOX into the arms of the forklift so the GOBOX cannot tip. The GOBOX then can be safety carried back to the truck. Sometimes this can be quite a distance if I cannot park the truck next to the house.


The GOBOX is then carried back to the truck and lifted onto the flat deck.


We can take up to five GOBOXES on the main truck and up to nine GOBOXES with the truck and trailer.


Once the GOBOXES are on the truck they are securely strapped down. The forklift is then reloaded onto the back of the truck.


Now I’m ready to take your GOBOXES back to the heated warehouse for storage or directly to your new home.

Customer’s Moving Tips


GOBOXES are easy to move and easy to load. If you don’t have time or just need a little help, we can load and unload your GOBOXES.

I just received a very kind message from one of our customers that has just finished moving his family in Kamloops. Torrey Hough and his brother Tyrel Hough work as real estate agents with Re/Max Kamloops.

Torrey has generously allowed GO BOX Storage to re-post his tips on how to reduce moving stress.

POST BY: Torrey and Tyrel Hough

Packing up and moving on – it’s an essential part of the buying process and it’s a topic that often gets swept under the rug until that unavoidable second you sign the “Subject Removal” form, making your offer unconditional (aka firm and binding). This is a beautiful thing because it means that you’ve checked off your purchasing wants and needs and satisfied all of your terms and conditions. You’ve just committed to one of the best investments most people will ever make in their entire lives.

Being in the industry of advising and assisting with this exciting process, we’ve recently discovered for ourselves why it’s so important not to take this part of the real estate transition lightly, pun intended. A week ago my wife and I packed up all of our personal belongs, pets, kids – and of course, things that we didn’t even know we had – and got ready to move into our new home in Dallas. In the interest of being completely candid, I learned first-hand that, unless you are A. a minimalist or B. willing to open your wallet and hire a moving team, you are about to engage in some gritty business.

It was roughly five years ago when we last embarked on this process, relocating from a small one-bedroom downtown Kamloops condo to a cozy South Kamloops three-bedroom utilitarian house. It only took five short years for us to forget about all the logistics of a big move… completely forget. On the opposite side of the transaction, my brother and I have helped hundreds of people purchase their homes, but I feel we’ve not truly understood the depth of the pain – in more places than one – that moving can be. Therefore, I felt it pertinent to point out some of the main things that I’ve learned in hopes that we can help make the transition into your new home a smoother and more enjoyable process.

To start off, your biggest and best resources are your friends and family. If you don’t have any friends or family, I suggest finding some ASAP because they are an excellent life line that you’ll need to help you tackle this huge packing and relocation project. Please note there’s an unwritten rule that says, “whoever assists you in this process has banked themselves the right to ask you for the same type of retribution in the future and it does not have an expiration date”.

Next, you need to do a walk-through to size up how many boxes you will need, write that number down, now double that number. In terms of acquiring moving boxes, you have some options. It’s great to first send out a social media blast to see if anyone has recently moved and has some to spare. Purchase new boxes – it is worth shopping around if you require a lot because they can nearly triple in price from store to store.

Make sure you have markers to note what is generally in the packed up boxes, lots of packing tape, and make sure you get that little attachment that cuts and exposes the tape end so you don’t find yourself struggling, and losing patience quickly trying to find an unfindable end-piece every time it seals to the roll.

Lots of packing paper or newspaper for the fragile items is important to consider. I highly recommend a roll of packing wrap which we used for electronics and the furniture wrapped in towels and blankets. That industrial sized Saran-wrap made the larger items easy to seal up for the move.

Another important aspect you need to decide on is how you are going to transport all of your accumulated lifestyle upgrades and other junk you just cannot part with because of the nagging thought, “what if one day I will need this…” Your options are as follows: book a moving truck, trailer, flat deck, caravan of family and friends, truck boxes, or – the option I went with which was the best fit for us, booking a couple of large moving goboxes from GO BOX Storage in Kamloops.

This isn’t an ad, we are in no way affiliated with this company, however I preferred this option because it allowed us to get the bins dropped off at our property for reasonable monthly rates. I might add that they also allow you to take your time packing them up like a life-sized game of Tetris, then once full to your liking the company picks them up and transports them to your new home on the possession date.

Now, back the truck up so I can dump some gold (advice) in it before we move along here. Make sure you pack those large moving boxes well, literally fill the cracks with pillows and blankets because you don’t want your precious personals getting rattled around and broken during the move. Also, pack a couple of bins that you will take to the new property yourself that have all the necessities to get you through the next couple days of chaos while the majority of your things are packed away such as: things to eat with, clean with, clothes to wear, etc.

We found that getting some of the main furniture pieces in first was a good choice and that getting everything into the garage was a keen choice. Moving in a manageable amount of boxes from the garage saved us from getting overwhelmed and being lost in a maze of cardboard all over the house. It took us a few days, but it made the unpacking seem easier to organize.

Lastly, throughout this moving process I highly advise you take this opportunity to purge the items that have moved with you once before but have yet to be used. This also mitigates any name-calling of “Pack Rat” or “Hoarder” from your friends and family.

Here are some additional moving tips from the GO BOX Storage archives:
Making In-Town Moving Fun
Packing Your Gobox Photo Essay
How can I save on packing supplies?


Once your GOBOXES are packed they can be transferred directly to your new home or go back to our heated warehouse for storage until your new home is ready.

MR PATCH: Sinkholes and Repairs


Gary came in the day before the repair to pre-cut the asphalt.

We would like to thank Gary Laidlaw from MR PATCH for coming in and fixing a sinkhole in our pavement. His team was fast and competent.

Gary does any size of paving repair including speed bumps, sealing, crack repairs, potholes, asphalt cutting and curbs. If you are looking for someone to repair your asphalt call Gary at: 250.573.5922 or 250.851.1115.


Gary and his team are removing the old asphalt.


The cut line gives a clean line for the repaving.


Gary’s team pours in the hot asphalt while Gary carefully edges the patch line.


Gary packs the new asphalt. We will try not to drive the forklift on the patch for a few weeks.

Custom Moving and Something Special!


GO BOX Storage does custom moving. Even if you have something very special you want moved, give us a call!

GO BOX Storage specializes in local moving and storage in the Kamloops area but we also do regional moves and assisted moves for our customers. If you decide that you don’t want to move yourself, GO BOX Storage can do the move for you. Even if you have something very special you want moved — give us a call!

SOS TIP: If you just moved to a new place, and have just started a new job, and are too busy to move yourself, GO BOX Storage does regional moves in BC or Alberta. We can even pack up your stuff for you! If you’re behind on your packing, ask us about assisted loading.

Innovative Solution to BIG Bike Storage


These are the standard motorcycle trays used to ship motorcycles from the factory to the store. These trays can be safely lifted with a forklift for secure storage in a GOBOX.

GO BOX Storage has been securely storing motorcycles for a number of years. Normally, we put the bike on a motorcycle tray, ratchet-strap the bike down and insert the tray into a GOBOX. The GOBOX is then locked and placed in the heated warehouse for the winter. This solution works great for most bikes — except for the biggest bikes.

Dealing with these big bikes has been a problem. We would put these bikes on cut-down motorcycle trays but even though we cut-down the trays, the bikes were still too long for a GOBOX. Finally, we have come up with a new solution. We are now altering some GOBOXES for storage of big bikes by installing two tie-down points in the GOBOX. Now, even the biggest bikes fit into a GOBOX!


Here’s a Harley getting ready for winter storage in a GOBOX. Using the new tie-down system, the bike easily fits into the GOBOX.


The two tie-downs are installed into the floor of the GOBOX through one of the crossbeams.


The bike is secured to the two tie-downs by two ratchet-straps. This bike isn’t going anywhere!


After the bike is securely tied into the GOBOX, there is plenty of room around the bike for storing motorcycle gear before locking the GOBOX.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


What a great year! A BIG thank you to all our GO BOX Storage customers that made 2015 great. May your Family have peace and prosperity in the New Year.

We would like to thank all of our GO BOX Storage customers for making 2015 such a great year. The Cooper Family would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

PLEASE NOTE: GO BOX Storage will be CLOSED for Christmas from December 24, 2015 and will reopen for deliveries on January 4, 2016.