How GO BOX Storage Works

How Many GOBOXES Will I Need?

The number of GOBOXES people use varies widely. You will only be charged for the storage you actually use. A quick, rough estimate can be made using the tables on this page. If you would like a more precise estimate, use our GOBOX Online Form.

    • Type of Vehicle
    • Equivalent # of GOBOXES
    • ¾ Ton Cargo Van
    • 1 GOBOX
    • 16' Cube Truck
    • 3 GOBOXES
    • 5 Ton Truck (24')
    • 5 or 6 GOBOXES
    • Semi-trailer Truck
    • 10 GOBOXES
    • Number of GOBOXES
    • Size of Home
    • 1 GOBOX
    • Bachelor Apartment
    • 2 GOBOXES
    • 1 Bedroom Apartment or Condo
    • 3 GOBOXES
    • 2 - 3 Bedroom Condo or Townhouse
    • 4 GOBOXES
    • 3 Bedroom Townhouse or Small House
    • 5 GOBOXES
    • 3 - 4 Bedroom Medium House
    • 6 GOBOXES
    • 4 Bedroom Medium House
    • 7 GOBOXES
    • 4 - 5 Bedroom Large House
    • 8 GOBOXES
    • 5 - 6 Bedroom Large House

How Big is a GOBOX?

One GOBOX can hold 1-1½ rooms of household goods. A GOBOX provides about 240 cubic feet of storage space. GOBOXES can store mattresses up to a king size and standard sized sofas. Be sure to measure your sofa's length to be sure (no longer than 7'10").

GOBOXES have convenient tie-downs inside. They are an ideal size for packing to ensure your household items and furniture won't shift while in transit. Unlike metal storage containers, our wooden GOBOXES reduce the risk of damage to your possessions from condensation.

GOBOXES are ventilated so mold and mildew will not breed in your storage container.

Learn More About Packing Supplies Use Our GOBOX Estimator Learn About Moving with GO BOX Storage
Photo of a GOBOX

5’0” wide x 8’0“ long x 7’0” high (OUTSIDE)

4’9” wide x 7’10” long x 6’5” high (INSIDE)

GO BOX Storage Client Testimonials

"Thank you so much. If not for your service I would have been in a real pickle. I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and associates. Your service and care goes beyond the call of duty and I again cannot thank you enough."

- Rod Rokman

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  • "Thank you so much for all your care. I haven't seen my belongings yet however my husband and daughter reassured me that everything looks great. :) I will recommend your services to anyone who asks."

    - Elizabeth Castrejon

  • "Thanks Shaen. It was great doing business with you again and we appreciate the help you gave us at the Vernon end. If you ever want a reference for you and your business don't hesitate to contact us"

    - Donna and Brenda Woodward

  • "I want to thank you guys. I meant to get cards from Shane. I will definitely use you guys again on my other moves. Thank you so much again."

    - Louise Elli

  • "Thank-you your service was excellent."

    - Mary Strandt

  • "Thanks, we saw the truck go by in the front yard, checked the backyard and gobox was removed. Thanks for this service. Very useful!"

    - Troy Lanam

  • "We were very pleased with your service all the way through (storage & unloading). We will definitely recommend you to everyone we know. Thanks"

    - Brian and Martha Bannerholt

  • "Great! Thank you as well for your service. We will use you again for sure!"

    - Grahame Stroulger

  • "You are welcome and Thank you for all your service and understanding."

    - Marion Powell

  • "Thank you for everything! I appreciate the convenience and service!"

    - Dara Johnson

  • "Great Service! Thank you."

    - Henry and Joyce Tomm

  • "Thank you. It worked out great."

    - Don Mathieson

  • "Thank you!"

    - Debbie Mayer

  • "Thank you to you too! You offer a great service! Cheers!"

    - Margo Schiller

  • "It was a very easy way to move and I will let people I know that are moving of my good experience with your company."

    - Ken Tremblay

  • "Thank you to you too. We really appreciate all your help. It seemed like a “long move” for us because of the early start and all the date changes etc but we are so happy here it was worth it. Thanks."

    - Len and Daryl Bosch

  • "Thank you, to you both. Not sure what I would have done without you. :)"

    - Cheryl Keene

  • "Thank you! You provide excellent service!"

    - Denise Hitt

  • "Thanks. The boxes really worked well."

    - Carol Renner